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The Road To Benaroya Hall

Group Stage ended the same way it began, a playoff.

The playoff today between LGD and Dignitas decided who moved into the upper bracket and who fell into the lower bracket. It was one game, winner take all. Continue reading

Two Times?

IG insists they feel no pressure entering this year’s International as the returning champs. They know there is a target on their back, but they are confident. Continue reading

Day 2 Is Over!

As day 2 draws to a close, Alliance goes into the final day of group stage undefeated. The rest of the field shows as many surprises as expected results. But it isn’t over for anyone. We should all remember Na’Vi’s showing last year that had them leaving group stage just barely avoiding the lower bracket yet still pulling it together and making it to the finals. Continue reading

Yesterday’s Fantasies

Compendium owners had a busy day yesterday tracking their picks during the day and making adjustments to their rosters last night.

While Alliance went undefeated yesterday, if you had an all Alliance team – you did not come out on top. They had a combined score of 119.7 but if you took all the top high scores for the various positions, you end up with only 2 Alliance members and a score of 128.5. Continue reading

Not an Underdog

Na’Vi became an instant Dota 2 community favorite by winning The First International.

Last year they returned as the heavy favorite but proceeded to have a rough group stage. Continue reading

Day One Is Over

The first day of The International’s group stage is over. So what are you going to do for the next 10 hours? Don’t worry, we have some suggestions. Continue reading