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They Belong

Mousesports snuck into The International last year. Continue reading

Getting 100%

When talking with MUFC’s WinteR, it comes as no surprise that he was once a national chess player.

As he discusses the draft stage, it is detailed and insightful. This is an area where he placed all the responsibility on himself. Continue reading

Playing Their Game

Orange has a rookie on their team – Ohaiyo.

He is a good example of a rookie’s experience at The International. He relies on other teammates who have been here before to help him navigate the event. Things like – don’t lose your passport and most importantly relax. Continue reading

The International House of Dedication

While some teams have a language barrier by having two nationalities on their team, LGD International lives up to the International part of their name by being based in China and having a team comprised of players from Canada, America, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia. Continue reading

Creating Confidence

One month is your average time for a boot camp before The International. A few teams even talked about the tensions that can rise by having a longer camp. Fnatic broke all the rules by running theirs for two months. Continue reading

And Then There Were 16

We say it is 16 teams descending on Seattle for The International but there are 17 in Bellevue today. Two of those teams, Quantic and RattleSnake, will play a best of 5 playoff to secure that final 16th position. Continue reading