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The coils of life and death now bind us all

Today’s update continues the expansion of our training experience for new players. Play as Sniper in an all new lesson and defeat Tidehunter as you learn more advanced game concepts. Also introduced is the Archronicus, a tome of knowledge containing … Continue reading

Someone requires my protection!

Water and sunlight were all we needed to lure Treant Protector out of his slumber. Now, why don’t you make like a tree and enjoy these community highlights: The Dota Insight podcast just released their 14th episode. Here’s a nice … Continue reading

The International

As you might have heard by now, DK and defending champions Na’Vi are the first teams to be invited to The International. This year we are moving to Benaroya Hall, located here in beautiful sunny Seattle. It will be held during the last … Continue reading

From one: an army

Team Phantom Lancer is back and they don’t like the way you’re looking at them. You can’t go in alone, here – take these: The Prodota2 League and Gigabyte’s Dota Masters league started last week. We don’t usually drink rum, … Continue reading

Our force comes.

Don’t worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! That is indeed a brand new HUD you’re seeing. Today’s update includes the first of many upcoming revisions to our UI, starting with the in-game HUD. When looking at feedback … Continue reading

I love you guys!

Everyone raise your glass and welcome Brewmaster back into the world of Dota. These community highlights just stumbled onto this blog: Gigabyte and Beyond The Summit announced the Dota 2 Masters tournament. With the top Asian teams competing it will … Continue reading