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Frostivus and Polycount Contest Winner – Best Overall

Ah yes, it is that time of the year. A time to buy the courier, a time to let that other guy have the last hit, a time to be grateful if you happen to be a frost Lich or … Continue reading

Polycount Contest Winners – Day 3

Day three of the Polycount Contest winners announcements begins. We won’t spend a lot of time on introductions as we know you want to get back to maniacally murdering trees with the newly introduced hero Timbersaw. That guy is clearly compensating for … Continue reading

Polycount Contest Winners – Day 2

Today’s winners may all come with a certain degree of controversy. Here are three standout sets that have beaten very close competition to clench victory. Our fourth winner… A collection of five items created by Anuxi. Dota 2 Polycount Contest Finalist. … Continue reading

Polycount Contest Winners – Day 1

The Dota 2 Polycount Contest began on October 8th and officially ended this past Monday December 3rd. Over that two month period the Polycount modeling community submitted more than 1,000 entries to the Dota 2 Workshop. We aren’t exaggerating when … Continue reading

The Defense 3

The Defense 3 tournament has started and a ticket is now available on the Dota 2 Store. What separates this item from previous ones is the inclusion of an exclusive in-game Courier with every purchase. We are excited to see … Continue reading

Slark, who goes there?

Today’s update brings Diretide to a close, which means that it’s also Hatching Day! If you’ve been spending time sitting on some eggs like a mother hen, you’ll see a new option to hatch them. Who knows what will emerge? … Continue reading