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The Playoffs Are Over!

Monday started where Saturday ended for NewBee, an elimination match. Saturday they won two straight to move on. Monday morning, they had a little rougher time against Titan. NewBee took the first but Titan took the second game forcing the third. NewBee was one game away from elimination, but in the end, they were too much for Titan.

Titan had a good run, but all Tournament they could just never piece together enough wins in a row to move on and now they are eliminated from The International.

NewBee then faced their next competitor for the day, Na’Vi. Na’Vi had an up and down tournament but still finished 8-7, enough to get into the final eight. NewBee made quick work of them in this stage, beating them in two straight including a twenty minute second game. Na’Vi will enter the Main Stage in the Lower Bracket.

Next up was the dominating iG. iG had a solid tournament ending 4th with a 9-6 record. NewBee didn’t care and destroyed iG in sixteen minutes. But iG didn’t lie down, they came charging back and took the second game. It was all down to one game for NewBee and as they had done again and again, they rose to the occasion and took the third game from iG who will now enter the Main Event in the Lower Bracket.

NewBee who was almost eliminated in a TieBreaker playoff, is now going to join EG, DK, and VG in the Upper Bracket. They will get a hard earned break until this Friday when they will kick off the main event against ViCi Gaming.

To see the compete brackets and order of the games each day here visit the watch page and click on the appropriate day. The action starts back at 9am PST this Friday, see you at the Main Event!