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Free to Play Collector’s Pack

Free to Play is almost here, so get your pre-load started and be ready the moment it’s out

To commemorate the impending release of our much-anticipated Dota 2 documentary, special items are now available in the Dota store. These items were forged in creative partnership with several pro players and include:

Each hero set is available individually, or as part of “The Free to Play Collector’s Pack” which includes all three item sets in addition to the following bundle exclusives:

  • The “Wide Angle” Ward
  • The “Filmtail” Courier
  • The “Depth of Field” HUD skin

The hero sets will include custom loading screens, custom particles and custom animations. Each item will be available in Genuine quality for a limited time, so purchase and add these items to your Dota armory soon. A portion of each purchase will go toward the players featured in the documentary.

Visit the Free to Play Website to watch the trailer and learn more about the film.