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Yesterday’s Fantasies

Compendium owners had a busy day yesterday tracking their picks during the day and making adjustments to their rosters last night.

While Alliance went undefeated yesterday, if you had an all Alliance team – you did not come out on top. They had a combined score of 119.7 but if you took all the top high scores for the various positions, you end up with only 2 Alliance members and a score of 128.5.

Alliance is missing the highest rated fantasy player for Saturday – Dendi from Na’Vi who scored an incredible 29.7 and the second highest support player Banana from TongFu who scored 22.2 and the second carry Era from Fnatic who weighed in with 25.9 points.

The top fantasy players by position:

With Alliance still strong but other individual players trending upwards – what moves do you make? Remember you can make lineup changes every night after the last game and keep changing all the way up to the next day’s games.