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Two Times?

IG insists they feel no pressure entering this year’s International as the returning champs. They know there is a target on their back, but they are confident.

Maybe it is nerves or maybe it really is just proof of how tough the competition has gotten but they have not started this International playing as champions.

When asked what they would like to do this International – the answer is quick – be the first two time International champs.

It isn’t too late, they have pulled it together enough to get into the upper brackets. From there, they can launch their assault on winning it all.

The answer was equally quick when ChuaN was asked what he did with his prize money from last year – He gave half of it to his mom.

They can choose their reasons why this year, first two time champs or so ChuaN’s mom can get the other half of the prize money, but either way you can’t count IG out.