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Then There Were 2

What an incredible series.

Orange dominated the first game and it looked bleak for Na’Vi but they would not go down easily. They came back in the second game and took it convincingly as theirs.

That made it all about the third game. One team would be eliminated and end their day in third place and the other would go on to face Alliance.

Orange leapt out to an early lead, that looked insurmountable. At one point Orange was just hunting Na’Vi and dominating in gold, experience, and kills going to 26-12 at one point.

But then Na’Vi won one team fight, they looked like they were coming back only to have Orange shut them down.

This was their third act, this was their moment to either fade away in this tournament or turn it around.

To Orange’s disbelief, Na’Vi won one team fight by just not dying, then they won a team fight, then another, and another, and another. It turned into a slug fest with Na’Vi just overwhelming Orange and destroying any lead they had until Orange could do nothing but throw up their hands and type GG.

What a run by Orange. They have been in the lower bracket since day of the main event. They played more games, won more games against opponents who were favored. Somewhere along the way, led by Mushi, they become the darlings of The International.

And now this afternoon, they are gone.

We look to Na’Vi and Alliance to see who will be the best Dota team in the world.