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The Road To Benaroya Hall

Group Stage ended the same way it began, a playoff.

The playoff today between LGD and Dignitas decided who moved into the upper bracket and who fell into the lower. It was one game, winner take all.

With LGD’s win and Dignitas’s loss, this means, as with all members of the lower bracket – Dignitas is now in the land of single elimination matches. Lose a match and you are gone from the Tournament.

LGD gets the safety of the upper bracket. Lose one here and you go down to the lower bracket where you are one loss away from being eliminated but you are still in it. Last year, IG came charging back out of the lower bracket to win it all – so no one is out of it until they are eliminated.

We also finished our earlier one-v-one matches and this Thursday you will be able to see the final – Mushi vs iceiceice.

Compendium owners playing in the International Fantasy Challenge have a few days to mull over their choices. You have until noon Wednesday to lock in your picks.

Our coverage will begin again Wednesday morning around 11am from Benaroya Hall. Until then, so we don’t grow apart… maybe we should keep in touch, join us over on Twitter for a few days of behind the scenes coverage and let’s talk fantasy teams.

Make sure to join us Wednesday.

There is something magical about the main stage at Benaroya Hall. It transforms the tournament from quiet conference rooms with just a referee observer, to an electric atmosphere with thousands of screaming fans and hundreds of thousands of viewers. It can change a team, energize them, give them new life. It is still everyone’s tournament to win.