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Sometimes It Is Fate

NS is self-conscious as he talks. He seems embarrassed by his name choice – NightSniper shortened to NS.

He doesn’t want to call the storied Virtus.Pro his team, but it is.

It isn’t fake modesty. It was reformed around him.

And for his part, he tried to open the team up, not be the team captain and let kSi take the helm – but that was short lived.

He couldn’t run from his destiny.

When it came down to it, he knew he had to be the captain, he had the most experience, the most history having played on teams such as DTS and Moscow 5. So he is back in charge.

And Virtus.Pro? They play like their history, bursts of wild brilliance and rough slumps. For The International the question is, can NS keep them on the side of wild brilliance?