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Playing Their Game

Orange has a rookie on their team – Ohaiyo.

He is a good example of a rookie’s experience at The International. He relies on teammates who have been here before to help him navigate the event. They tell him things like don’t lose your passport and most importantly relax.

But nerves and excitement can be used to your favor. For instance, he is way too excited to be suffering jet lag.

And if he is still worried about his own nerves during a game, his teammate Mushi can calm him. As one of the top mid players in the world he has learned not just from his past International experiences but more recent matches as well.

He vows Orange learned from the Alienware Cup. There they stopped playing their game and stopped being aggressive.

For The International, Orange isn’t going to worry about the other teams and simply play their game. They will force the other teams to change and accommodate them as they make their bid for victory.