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Out Of The Shadows

When we asked teams to pick their top 4 for The International, DK is almost always on the list. When Ohaiyo from Orange picked who he was most excited to meet at his first International – he named BurNIng from DK.

So with all the accolades, why is it that BurNIng feels they are being over shadowed by the other Chinese teams?

He cites a simple lack of focus in earlier tournaments.

But that’s gone. DK is nothing but focus now.

When asked, other teams will also tell us of 10 hour days playing Dota 2. They also mention ending their day by studying game footage of their opponents. They will all talk of dedication – they use the same words…

But it is how BurNIng says them. While other players can be serious, his seriousness, his focus comes without a nervous foot twitch, or hesitation to answer. It is direct, focused, and ready.

It looks like DK is ready to move out from the shadows into the spotlight of the center stage this International.