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Not an Underdog

Na’Vi became an instant Dota 2 community favorite by winning The First International.

Last year they returned as the heavy favorite but proceeded to have a rough group stage.

That ended up not making a difference, they came charging back and went on to the finals. There they lost to Invictus Gaming.

As they enter this year, you would think the pressure would be off. They aren’t returning champions, they’re just another team – but they aren’t. They are Na’Vi.

As Dendi points out, each year, each tournament, each game is more and more pressure. All the teams are getting better, any team can win any game or tournament.

But they are still many people’s pick to win it all. Dendi wishes they weren’t. He wishes they were an underdog, an unknown, but if they are going to have that pressure – bring it on – they will crush them all.