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Getting 100%

When talking with MUFC’s WinteR, it comes as no surprise that he was once a national chess player.

As he discusses the draft stage, it is detailed and insightful. This is an area where he placed all the responsibility on himself.

Where other teams might make choices to work against the opponents, WinteR feels the need to know every small detail about his own team, the roles they excel at, the strategies they can execute because in his eyes – a strategy born out of a counter will not be as successful as a strategy born out of getting 100% performance from his team.

The question then becomes, has he had enough time to learn the nuances of his team? They only reformed in March. Their move to the training house was delayed as they waited for an Internet connection so their boot camp was only 5 weeks long.

Was that enough time?

WinteR was relaxed with this question, yes of course it was enough time. Where we saw losses, he saw new things about his team. He was learning.

He will take all of that into the The International and execute his moves to let MUFC play at 100%.