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Day One Is Over

The first day of The International’s group stage is over. So what are you going to do for the next 10 hours? Don’t worry, we have some suggestions.

With the first day over, Compendium owners can check their teams for The International Fantasy Challenge and see how they are doing. Remember, you can change up your teams. Decide who is hot and who is getting benched. Move them around to your heart’s content until 9am PST tomorrow morning.

You can also help us decide what to cover tomorrow. Besides the last two team profiles – Na’Vi and IG, we will be covering all the action. What would you like to see covered? What pictures are we missing? What questions do you have? Tweet your suggestions with the hashtag #TI3Q and we will go through them in the morning.

Other than that, rest up. We have a full day of games Sunday.