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Day 4 Ends

We started the morning where we left off last night with the two Lower Bracket best of three matches. Both IG and DK leading one game to zero.

IG had gone to bed thinking of victory, but they woke up to the nightmare of Mushi. Orange came crushing back to knock last year’s champion out of the tournament. It was in two straight dominated wins.

TongFu must have been watching the earlier games and decided to follow suit. They battled with DK but took the two straight needed to play at the end of the day.

The most anticipated match of the day was Alliance vs Na’Vi. In a packed house where nary an empty seat could be found, Alliance showed why they are one of the most feared Dota 2 teams in the world.

Alliance dominated the first game and quickly ran it against Na’Vi. This wasn’t a worry for Na’Vi, losing one game means nothing to them, this is just one step into a long line of games for them.

Na’Vi started the second game dominating Alliance. They took all of Alliances towers across the map in the first 15 minutes, but then they paused… and Alliance took a shot at them as they tried Roshan – it paid off. They stole Rosh, and then went on a 15 minute killing spree – destroying Na’Vi’s advantage and sending them down to the lower bracket in two straight games.

This mean Alliance moves to the Grand Finals and Na’Vi will have to wake up early Sunday morning and win one more match if they want to be in the Grand Finals.

The evening games ended with Orange and TongFu looking to keep playing. The loser would grab 4th place, the winner playing Sunday Morning. The gauntlet of games will ether give them momentum or leaving them exhausted.

Orange took game one but TongFu fought back in game two. One team would take 4th, the other will play Sunday. Orange entered the 3rd game and simply said – We are not going home! They destroyed TongFu and continue their amazing run through the lower bracket.

The games start Sunday at noon and we find out – who will win it all.