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In their first meeting on the main stage of Benaroya Hall, Alliance dominated Na’Vi. That series let Alliance rest on top the Upper Bracket while Na’Vi had to prove themselves in a battle for the Lower Bracket crown to continue their journey.

The first game of the Finals started the same as the last, Na’Vi chose a bizarre draft that left them with a high risk move that simply failed. Alliance dominated them in under 30 minutes and it looked like Alliance would continue easily.

But then Na’Vi came roaring back. They put the pressure on and were quickly farming – farming in Alliance’s base. It took us 1-1.

The third game started with Na’Vi going strong, but then it just wasn’t clear if any team could string together any fights. Na’Vi would attack, Alliance counter, only to have Na’Vi counter again.

At one point, Na’Vi tried for Roshan, Alliance blocked by wiping Na’Vi. This put it in Alliance’s hands and they came charging back. The bear was a nightmare for Na’Vi in team fights and they simply could not establish control.

Finally Na’Vi started connecting fights and taking towers. Na’vi was in Alliance’s base making it look like a Tornado hit, taking down multiple rax. Alliance countered with a push that failed and resulted in GG.

Game four proved that each team was able to be dominate in the right conditions. From the six minute mark on, this was Alliance’s game. Na’Vi never gave up – but they never were in it.

This made it all down to game 5. The first game five ever for the International. One game would decide who became the Grand Champions.

Game 5? It’s too soon to put into words maybe. In a Tournament filled with great games, it was the greatest game we have ever seen. Not one single action by one team went uncountered by the other. It was a slug fest of team fights.

Na’Vi pushed on Alliance’s rax, so if you are Alliance what do you do? Take a tier three tower, maybe two of them, take some rax for yourself, push on the ancient.

That just means Na’Vi will come back and defend. Na’Vi pushed again but for every action, an equal reaction until we were left with an epic team fight on Na’Vi’s ancient battling for control while Alliance continued to sneak in attacks on the Ancient – UNTIL IT FELL.

Alliance wins. Alliance wins. We will post the video soon. Watch it. Sitting down.