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Back In Action!

Better watch your back, because Bristleback is back! (kill me).

Something we’re very excited about this week is Anuxi’s Treasure of the Shaper Divine Chest. Look at all that stuff! This marks the first Chest entirely composed of items created by a single Workshop Contributor. We cannot wait to see what else comes out of the Dota 2 Workshop community.

In Tournament news, The Defense 3 Grand Finals are this weekend and if you happen to be one of the Immortal Highlanders that are still around since the start of the tournament then you are in for a treat! Virtus Pro faces Fnatic in a Best of Five that is sure to produce many memorable moments that should last until the next Defense ends or the heat death of the universe, whichever comes first.

Good news to you G-1 League fans! The fine fellows over 17173 have added Inky the Hexapus courier to their tournament pass. Early adopters should find Inky awaiting in their inventories when they log in — make sure to bring a treat.

Finally, are you in Serbia? Do you like Dota 2? Do you have what it takes?! *insert guitar riff here* KGB-HQ is running a 32 team tournament at their cafe in Belgrade, Serbia. Interested? You can find more info here.

This changelog fell off the back of Axe’s van.