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Introducing Team Matchmaking

Today’s update includes the initial release of the long awaited Team Matchmaking feature.

Dota 2 is a game that inspires its players to improve. Our data shows that one of the best ways to improve is to regularly play with a set of friends who have the same goal. Our data also shows that the quality of matches between groups of friends is simply higher. In addition, we can give you more accurate feedback on your game-to-game performance when you play with a fixed set of team members.

We’ve revamped your Team’s profile, which can now be accessed from your Career Profile’s page.

Also this week you will find The Premier League Season 4’s Bundle. This bundle will give you access to the upcoming league and to the brand new courier Wynchell the Wyrmeleon!

This is our first evolving courier; as you watch more Premier League games the courier’s look will change and become more impressive. You will also become a better person.

And since you are now a better person why not stop by the DotA 2 Charity Invitational: Heroes Helping Heroes website? It should be a lot of fun and its for a good cause!

We’ve also added a bunch of new stuff to the Dota 2 Store, there you will find new item sets for your favorite heroes including Sand King’s first change of clothes.

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