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The International Preliminary Stage By The Numbers

With the Main Event of The International starting Friday, we collected some stats from the preliminaries. In all, 115 games were played with over 275,000 viewers. The most spectated game was CLG vs M5 with 69,659 viewers.

The average game length was 34 minutes. The shortest game was IG vs Na’Vi which clocked in at 16:11. The longest game, LGD vs M5, went 70:58 minutes. In total there were over 65 hours of Dota 2 played in the preliminary round.

What happened during these games? Overall, there were 4,655 kills with 13.2 million gold and 15.2 million XP earned. The average first blood time was 3 minutes with the longest wait for first blood being in the LGD vs Zenith game with a wait of 11.3 minutes. There were 13 first bloods before the horn.

For heroes, the most popular pick was Venomancer with 64 picks. The most lethal pick was Tiny with 9.4 average kills in 10 games. The most helpful and most unfortunate was Wisp with 13 average assists and 6.7 average deaths in 11 games. Morphling had the most kills with 407 total kills in 54 games.

For Pennants, Na’Vi leads the pack followed by Mouz and Zenith. Amazingly, #1 seeded LGD is down in the number five spot. There have been over 1000 tournament items dropped, so time to show some support!

For a complete breakdown of player and team stats, check out this Dota Academy Page.

The first game of the Main Event Starts Friday at 10am PST. The absolute best way to view the game is in the client. If you do not have a Dota 2 key, you can still download the Spectator Client for free from here. Once you have it, load up the client, choose your broadcaster and then fire up Twitter and join us in our live game chat. We will be updating the Twitter feed with images and news from the event all day.