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Main Event Day 1 Schedule Posted

With the preliminaries over, the brackets are finalized and you can see Friday’s games on the schedule page.

The top section is the games for the Winner Bracket. All rounds of the Winner Bracket are played as Best of 3 matches. The loser in each match is sent down to the Loser Bracket.

The bottom section of the schedule is the Loser Bracket. They only play Best of 1 matches. This means one loss and the team is eliminated from the tournament! Only until the last two rounds of the Loser Bracket are matches played as Best of 3.

The Championship finals pit the last remaining teams from the Winner and Loser Brackets against each other in a full Best of 5 match to determine the champion of The International on Sunday.

If you want to follow us as we set up Benaroya Hall for the International; subscribe to our Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr accounts. You can also follow us on Instagram as dota2ti.