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Here’s blog in your eye!

Today we are announcing that every Steam account now has access to the Dota 2 Spectator Client.

With The International around the corner we want everyone to have access to the best possible way of watching the matches, and that’s where the new Spectator Client comes in.

You will be able to watch any Live or Recent matches plus all of the upcoming The International right inside the client. Every spectator feature is enabled, including Player Perspective, Commentators and Directed view.

This will become your full client once we expand server capacity enabling Matchmaking, Chat, Persona, etc. Don’t forget, if you can’t wait you can always sign up for an invite or purchase an access bundle.

The International page has also been updated with more info on the tournament structure, the teams and the brackets so go check it out.

We’re also interested to know if you’re running an event to watch The International at your cafe, bar or home. Email us at [email protected] with the info.

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