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Day 2 is starting!

Yesterday was a great day filled with amazing games. We hit our peak concurrent spectators for one game in the CLG vs M5 match with 52,145 viewers!

Today is a new day with new matches. We have a couple of undefeated teams entering today, do you think they will hold on and complete the day undefeated? What game will have the most supporters turn out for it? Do your part and make sure to watch your favorite team live.

You can view all of the action, with all the in-game stats, professional commentary, and more for free by using the Dota 2 client. Just download it here. Once downloaded, pick a game, pick your commentator channel, and then track the stats that interest you.

If you want to discuss the games or give us feedback on The International or the spectator client head on over to Twitter and let us know.