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Next week: Cold Fusion

Bam! You didn’t think we’d make it this week but who’s laughing now! (Probably you since you just got a sweet new Dota 2 update).

This might be our biggest update yet. Outworld Destroyer joins us this week, along with a ton of new features. Here are some highlights:

  • Added new game mode: Single Draft.
  • Added querying of dead units. This lets you click allied portraits in the top bar to inspect their items and skills, even when they’re dead.
  • Queued move commands show a waypoint flag briefly.
  • Added new settings panel.
  • Matchmaking displays average wait time for each region.
  • New interface for finding lobbies.
  • New Matchmaking panel.
  • Players can chat and use voice communications while the game is paused.
  • Added game mode (AP, SD, CM) selection for matchmaking.
  • You can now find replays by MatchID from the Watch panel.
  • Added Grid Mode to the Shop.
  • Added Repick functionality to the hero picking panel (costs 100 gold to repick, lets you select a hero again).
  • Implemented “Suggest invite to party” menu option.
  • You can now see which heroes your allies are about to pick.
  • Added Steam avatars in the scoreboard.
  • Added the ability to jump to any position in a replay.

This update will be available to the main Dota 2 client. The new Test Build release schedule will start next week.

Changelog is avaliable here.