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Evil dreams await!

Today’s update is now available in the new Dota 2 Test build. Everyone with access to Dota 2 should now see the Test build in their Steam Games Library. The changes in the Test build will remain there for a week, during which time we’ll be fixing any issues in them, before being promoted to the main Dota 2 build. For more info, read our previous blog about the Test build. Note that there will be a limited server capacity for the Test build, so you may find longer queue times there.

Today’s changelog is available here.

Finally, here are some community updates:

* The Team Dignitas Invitational has been announced.
* The fine chaps over at Gaming With Gizmoh are running a 24-Hour Dota 2 marathon for charity. We heard they might even be giving away Dota 2 keys.
* Check out this great looking Dota 2 art.
* Gosugamers has posted an interesting analysis of the Absolute Legends vs Na’Vi match in The Premier League. Watching this confirms what our mothers keep saying to us: We will never be any good at Dota 2.