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So begins a new age of knowledge

This week we welcome the return of one of Dota’s most versatile heroes: Invoker!

In addition to the usual set of fixes and additions, this update also enables your Dota Profile page, which you can reach by clicking on your name in the mini-profile. You can also check out other player’s profiles by clicking on their names throughout the UI. On your profile you’ll find a variety of information about your Dota history, including links to replays of your recent games, your favorite heroes, commendations you’ve received from other players, and so on. Check it out, and let us know what else you’d like to see on there.

Also, a heads up about a change that’ll be coming in an update in the next week or two: we’ll be changing the replay format to a significantly better one, which will allow us to support a richer set of features when you’re watching a replay. The unfortunate side effect of the format change is that all old replays will not be watchable. We don’t anticipate ever needing to do this again, because the new format is much more stable. So, if you’ve got a favorite moment in an existing replay, make sure you record it out into a video within the next week.

You can find the latest changelog here.