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A hush falls on the battlefield.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming, starting with the longest changelist we’ve ever composed. If you were to stack all the text in this changelog it would reach the Mad Moon and back.

First things first: Spirit Breaker and Silencer have arrived.

Look at that mace!

Today’s update also includes several features we are really excited about. First, we’ve incorporated the latest Dota 6.73 changes, including 5 new items: Rod of Atos, Heaven’s Halberd, Ring of Aquila, Abyssal Blade and Tranquil Boots. We’ve also began deploying our new Spectator proxy system that will allow games to have an unlimited number of spectators. Not all games will support this at the start, while we gather data on the system’s performance, but we expect to finish full deployment soon. Another spectating feature we’ve added is Autospeed to replays: Autospeed will fast-forward games until high intensity moments are detected at which point it will return to regular speeds. So you can now watch Dendi harvest Battle Furies with your hands free!

For those running tournaments, this update also includes a new option in Private Lobbies to select which version to run: Latest or Tournament. The Latest version will always include all the most recent changes, while Tournament will create a game with the current tournament rules. And in other tournament news:

You can find the latest changelog here.