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The crusade continues

It’s Knight time!

In addition to Omniknight and Dragon Knight, today’s update includes another step in our process of tackling the problem of players abandoning games repeatedly. This is the first time we’ll be moving beyond just gathering data, and into the realm of taking action: players who have been identified as repeatedly leaving games will be moved into a separate matchmaking pool for a period of time. As usual, there’s a variety of other smaller additions and fixes.

We’d also like to welcome the new folks who received Dota 2 invites yesterday. If you weren’t one of the lucky folks, you’ll be happy to know we’ll be pushing out new invites every couple of days.

Finally, we’d like to give a shout out to Dreamhack’s Dota 2 tournament. If your team is in the area, sign up fast – there’s a limited number of slots.

You can read today’s changelog here.