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Burnt Offerings

Today’s update adds Warlock, a master of the Dark Arts and the only hero capable of summoning a mighty flaming golem.

Among a variety of other fixes and additions, today’s update also adds another step in our ongoing work to tackle community health. A couple of updates ago we released a report and commendation system. This has given us a bunch of data about the various ways that some players are helping or hurting the fun of other players. One theme we noticed was that there are some players out there who reduce other people’s fun through the communication channels, but at the same time receive commendations in other games for being good players to play with or against. So with this update we’re adding a system that detects players who are clearly reducing the fun of other players specifically through text and voice chat – and temporarily removes their ability to use those chat systems. Once they return to being additive to the community, they can re-earn that functionality. As usual, we’ll be paying careful attention to whether this makes the Dota world a better place, and you can send us your thoughts after seeing it in action.

You can read Today’s changelog here.