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Highlights of The International

Phew! With The International over, the Dota 2 away team is now recuperating back in Seattle, re-watching footage from the tournament and debating which bits should make the highlight reel.

Three clips jump out as particularly amazing escapes:

Although Tobi no doubt deserves a highlight reel of his own, these following clips are Tobi at his most entertaining:

We’re not the only ones arguing about the highlights – GosuGamers also put up their own list of the Best Games of The International, so make sure you check that out too. Remember, if you missed seeing any of the matches, the VODs for all of them are still available over here, with commentary in English, German, Russian, and Chinese.

We’re also incredibly humbled to hear that we’ve won the IGN People’s Choice Award. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Finally, if you missed your chance to sign up for the beta, fear not: Click here to get your name on the list. The excitement we carried home from Gamescom has got us all fired up to get the beta rolling as soon as possible.