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Four Teams Fall

Today’s quarterfinal and elimination matchups produced some intense back and forth games. Highlights include a frantic come-from-behind win, a stunning upset, a Morphling farmed-up to truly awe-inspiring levels and the most awesome sentry ward we’ve witnessed .

Fans filled the Dota 2 arena to overflowing for the official opening day of Gamescom 2011. Check out the crowds in dpm’s awesome Day Two photos, posted on playdota.com forums.

Bandwidth snags prevented the Russian and German language commentaries from airing live, but matches were broadcast in English and Chinese. Replays for today’s games with full commentary in all languages will be available on the Dota 2 web site here.

Our thanks to SGC, nevo, GGnet and OK.Nirvana.cn for traveling to Cologne and helping us debut Dota 2.