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The Shanghai Major Commences

As the countdown to the Shanghai Major approaches the zero hour, teams and fans alike make final preparations for the start of Group Stage play. Kicking off February 25 at 9:00 AM SGT in Shanghai, each day of the Group Stage will feature four teams battling through a double-elimination bracket. The top two teams will move into the Upper Bracket of the main event while the bottom two teams will settle for seeds in the Lower Bracket. After the Group Stage has completed and the tournament brackets are set, play will resume on the main stage of Mercedes-Benz Arena on March 2, with a champion to be crowned March 6.

For Winter Battle Pass owners, all Shanghai Major Compendium Predictions must be locked in prior to the start of the Group Stage at 9:00 AM SGT, so make sure to finalize your choices to maximize your Battle Point potential and earn more level rewards if your predictions pay off.

All Shanghai Major matches can be viewed live in the Dota 2 client, via Steam Broadcasting, or on Twitch. Find the full schedule in your Compendium or here.

For fans tuning into the Dota 2 client to watch, you can now have your say in selecting the MVP of each match. Once you have witnessed an Ancient’s destruction and completed spectating a live match or recent replay, you can vote for the Most Valuable Player on the in-client ballot. Cast your vote to see real-time voting stats compiled from all the other fans watching along.

Winter Treasure IV & The Shanghai Major Compendium

The fourth and final Winter Treasure arrives. Available to Battle Pass owners as a level reward or treasure purchase, Winter Treasure IV features item sets for Magnus, Broodmother, Brewmaster, Naga Siren, Luna, and a rare Legion Commander set. Also included is the Ultra Rare Darkclaw Emissary item set for Dazzle—as before, each of these treasures you open increases your chances of receiving the Ultra Rare set.

With the first matches of the Shanghai Major event drawing near, the Shanghai Major Compendium features are now active. Along with the addition of Group Stage Brackets and Team Profile information, you now have more chances to earn Battle Points by correctly making Hero, Team, Player, and Tournament Predictions riding upon the outcomes of the matches in Shanghai. Check out the finalized brackets and lock in your predictions prior to the start of Group Stage play to use your skills of premonition to push your Battle Pass to the next level. The Group Stage will run February 25–28, with the Main Event to follow March 2–6.

This update also sees a variety of fixes and the addition of several heroes to the Workshop, details of which can be found here.

Winter Treasure III

Today’s update sees the release of the third treasure for the Winter Battle Pass. This treasure includes item sets for Lone Druid, Venomancer, Templar Assassin, Sven, Nyx Assassin and a rare Mirana set. The Ultra Rare in this treasure is the Secrets of the Merqueen, a new set for Death Prophet. As with the previous Battle Pass treasures, the chances of receiving this Ultra Rare set increases with each treasure opened.

With the two remaining Community Goals having been reached, this update also includes the new style unlocks for the Solo and Support Quest Paths.

You can read the additional patch notes here.

New Quest – Path of the Blossom

To celebrate New Bloom this year, a bonus Quest has been added to the Winter 2016 Battle Pass. Earn up to 7 Crimson Parcels by completing the Path of the Blossom, and open them to see what gifts await inside. By completing the final Quest in this path, you will unlock a new exclusive set for Ember Spirit. The Path of the Blossom is available for a limited time from February 5th to February 15th.

There have already been 2,500,000 quests completed along the Path of the Executioner. An alternate style of the Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest set for Dragon Knight is now available for anyone who completes the Path of the Executioner.

Also included in this update is a minor balance fix, click here to read the patch notes.

The Winter Battle Pass

Introducing the Winter 2016 Battle Pass, available now! Take your Dota skills and your treasure collection to the next level as you play your way to digital fortune and glory. Level up your Battle Pass by fulfilling in-game Quests and wagering on matches to score Battle Points, then head into the gallery of Rewards to marvel at the haul of your efforts. Including several exclusive seasonal features, the Winter 2016 Battle Pass is the perfect digital companion for the hibernal months to come.

Also featured in this Battle Pass, the 2016 Shanghai Major Compendium makes its debut in advance of the upcoming competition at Mercedes-Benz Arena. As the opening games draw near, the compendium will become your source for upcoming Shanghai Major news and activities, hosting recaps of the road to the Major, team profiles, tournament predictions, and all of the things you need to follow the action no matter how far you are from the main stage.

Lastly, we are happy to report the addition of a helpful new feature! In the new Conduct Summary, you can see how many abandons, reports, and commendations you have received in your past 25 games, including what percentage of the community has numbers similar to yours. By keeping track of your conduct in recent games, you’ll have more information to understand your in-game behavior within the context of the larger Dota community. To learn more, visit the FAQ.

Be sure to check out the patch notes for details on other changes included in this update.

The Dota Majors

After a whirlwind week of intense matches, The Shanghai Major Qualifiers have concluded with two teams advancing from each region. Now that these eight qualifying teams have joined the direct invites, the tournament field of sixteen teams has been set, and The Shanghai Major Group Stage will commence on February 25, followed by the Main Event at Mercedes-Benz Arena from March 2 – 6.

Upon the crowning of The Shanghai Major Champions, the eyes of the Dota community will turn to the next Major, to be held in Manila, Philippines in early June. As before, established teams and upstarts alike will battle for the chance to join the rolls of The Manila Major to compete on the main stage in front of a sea of passionate fans.

This will be the final opportunity to prove they belong amongst the best in the world before The International 2016 kicks off beneath the mid-August Seattle sun.