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The International Teams

Introducing the Teams of The International.

Wisp or Dalek? You decide!

The first of the four Regional Qualifiers is just two weeks away and as always will be available to watch for free inside the Dota 2 client. Here are the dates for all the events:

  • Americas Qualifier: May 12-15 12:00PM EST
  • Southeast Asia Qualifier: May 16-19 12:00PM SGT
  • China Qualifier: May 20-23 12:00PM CCT
  • Europe Qualifier: May 24-27 12:00PM CEST

You will also be glad to know that the Spring Cleaning update is out.


The Spring Cleaning Update

Ah, spring! The birds chirp, the flowers bloom, Ursa leaves his den, and Dota 2 gets a shiny new update. In this single-day event, we’ve taken the wraps off the 6.81 gameplay adjustments. Check out the changes coming to your favorite heroes in the changelog.

Plus, we called in a few exterminators and squashed a pretty mean colony of bugs throughout the game. The update page has the gooey details.

Once the update is released next week, you’ll also find two new Treasures available. Unlike previous Treasures, these are purchased directly from the Dota 2 Store, and do not require a seal to open. Simply purchase, then crack it open to obtain one of several new hero sets.

Meanwhile, in tournament news, we’re about two weeks away from The International’s Regional Qualifiers. Stay tuned for more information on the Teams and match times.

The Secret Shop Wants YOU!

Think you have what it takes to design merchandise for The International? Let’s find out!

Now you can submit your t-shirt and poster designs to be voted on by the Dota 2 community by going to ‘The International’ tab in the Workshop. Once the votes are in, we’ll curate the top-rated entries, and the best of the best could find their way to The Secret Shop at The International Dota 2 Championships through the excellent folks at Mighty Fine. Designs must be submitted to the workshop by May 20th, 2014.

For the rest of you, head over to the Workshop and start voting on your favorite designs.

And in case you missed the awesome stuff we had for sale at The International last year, you’re in luck: the Secret Shop has been restocked. T-shirts, posters, plushies and more from last summer’s event are available once again at the Valve Store.

For more info on submitting your designs, visit the FAQ.

The International Tickets FAQ

Tickets for The International go on sale tomorrow and we wanted to answer a few questions we’ve seen come up often:

Q. How many tickets can I buy?
Ticket purchases are limited to 5 per household.

Q. Can I sit anywhere or are there preassigned seats?
Yes, you can sit anywhere.

Q. Can VIP ticket holders access the After Party if they’re under 21?
The After Party is limited to VIP ticket holders that are 21 and over. There are no restrictions for the other VIP ticket features.

Q. Can I trade my ticket if I can’t attend?
Yes, but please note that if you’re picking up your badge from Will Call, you will have to contact Ticketmaster and request a badge holder name change.

Q. I’m not attending, does this mean I won’t be able to purchase the new items sold at the venue?
Some items will be available on the Dota 2 Store during the event. More details to come.

Q. I’m a Workshop Contributor, will there be a place for me at the International?
This year we’ll be setting aside a larger space for Contributors to meet fans, work together, and show off their creations. If you’re interested in participating, we’ll have a signup space for you soon. In the meantime, make sure you purchase your ticket when they go on sale on Friday.

You can find the purchase page for the tickets here. We recommend going there and creating an account ahead of time so you’re ready for the sale.

The International

Save the date. This year The International moves to KeyArena, taking place July 18th through the 21st in Seattle.

mad purps

For those interested in attending there are three types of tickets available:

- General Admission ($99)

- Floor Seats ($199)

- VIP package ($499) that includes:

  • Access to all 6 days of Playoffs (formerly Group Stage) taking place on July 8th, before the Championships Event
  • Floor Seating
  • Exclusive VIP Meet & Greets
  • Access to the After Party

Every ticket includes access to all four days of the Championships Event at KeyArena. Tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster beginning this Friday April 4th at 3PM PDT, so check back later for more information.

This year there will be 11 teams invited directly as well as four Regional Qualifiers taking place May 12th through the 25th. The winner of each Qualifier will receive an invitation, with the four runner-ups competing in Seattle for the final spot.

Here’s a handy list of times to help you get ready for the sale:

  • Seattle: 15:00 Friday
  • Brasilia: 19:00 Friday
  • London: 23:00 Friday
  • Moscow: 02:00 Saturday
  • Beijing: 06:00 Saturday
  • Singapore: 06:00 Saturday
  • Seoul: 07:00 Saturday
  • Sydney: 09:00 Saturday

Don’t see your time listed? Here’s a sweet time zone converter.