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The Year Beast Has Come


Gather your courage (and your Ingots), for the Year Beast has come! For the next 24 hours, you’ll be able to turn the terror of the Year Beast into the treasures of the New Bloom Festival. Yet facing the beast is not a challenge to be taken lightly. To prepare, we strongly suggest gathering a group of friends, then entering Year Beast Practice to learn about the new weapons at your disposal and to sharpen your strategies. Once you think you’re ready, choose “Fight the Beast” to enter the real battle, where you’ll spend your hard-earned Ingots to equip your chosen hero.

Each Ingot translates to 40 in-game Gold for you to use purchasing equipment and fireworks, as well as using buyback should you expire. Once you’re equipped, start the fight and deal as much damage to the Year Beast as you can. The more damage you deal, the higher you’ll rank, and the more Jade Tokens you’ll receive to redeem toward New Bloom rewards.

After the Year Beast departs, players from groups who dealt damage in the top 10% will each receive the elusive Redhoof courier, and those who earn their way into the top 1% will earn the coveted Jadehoof courier!

Good luck!

The New Bloom Festival Has Arrived

The snows have begun to melt, revealing a ton of new features. Destroy your foes with Terrorblade and Phoenix. Rewrite history using the Replay Takeover feature. Mix up your matches in Random Ability Draft, now accessible at level 5 thanks to your feedback. Then check out all the new content in the Dota store, while keeping an eye out for flash sales throughout the event.

As you’re taking it all in, prepare yourself to face the Year Beast. As you play matches you’ll earn Flamesalt Ingots, which are used to purchase the weapons you’ll need to battle the Year Beast when it appears. The more damage you deal, the better your loot will be.

Need more Ingots? Activate Fortune’s Favor to boost the number of Ingots you find after matches, and begin earning Jade Tokens you can redeem for various prizes.

As you can tell, there’s a lot to see and do during the New Bloom Festival. Fun and prizes await, so dive in and discover for yourself everything that’s in store!


Rebirth in the New Bloom Festival

Out of the cold and chaos come the very things that the New Bloom Festival is here to celebrate: rebirth and renewal. In this final rush of revelations, a cosmic force arrives to light the skies, while the past itself begs to be rewritten. The New Bloom Festival makes ready!

So majestic.

The New Bloom Update will be available tomorrow.

The Chaos of the New Bloom Festival

New life means new chaos. As the Year Beast stirs from its slumber, a much darker presence prepares to unleash itself upon the world of Dota. But the chaos doesn’t end there: every hero, and every power, will feel its impact. The New Bloom Festival approaches!

Prepare for the New Bloom Festival

As the cold days grow longer and the first blooms slowly reach above the snow, powers both benevolent and savage have begun to stir. Discover the first of many developments that the coming renewal will bring to the world of Dota. The New Bloom Festival is about to commence!