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Overflowing Compendium Update

A pile of Compendium rewards have just been released! Check out the new Pudgling courier, chat emoticons, weather effects and more. Purchasing a Compendium unlocks all present and future Compendium rewards, such as couriers, immortal items, battle booster, stat tracking, and an unusual taunt for the upcoming Techies hero.

With this update, we’re also introducing Live Rewind, allowing you to pause, rewind, and jump around the timeline when spectating any live game. Saw an awesome team fight? Rewind and watch it again and again. Need to grab a drink while your favorite team is playing? Pause the match and resume when you get back.

Meanwhile, if you’re coming to The International, you might want to head over to our Ticketing FAQ to prepare yourself for the event.

Can’t make it to The International? Try joining (or hosting!) a Pubstomp, where people around the world gather locally to watch The International. Check out our Pubstomp page to learn more.

Fnatic at The International

There has been a lot of discussion over the last 24 hours regarding our requirement that Fnatic plays with Era at The International, and how it differs from Fear’s substitution in Evil Geniuses. In cases like this, we think being fully transparent is the right approach. Hopefully this sheds some light onto the situation for everyone.

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New Team Matchmaking

Team matchmaking is now a part of ranked matchmaking, meaning the pool of available opponents for teams and full parties is now much larger. To play as a team, form a party of five players. If there is a team roster that contains all members of your party, you will then be presented with the option to play using that team’s identity. Choosing to use a team identity means it will be displayed in game, and matchmaking will use that team’s MMR. If you choose not to use a team identity, you’ll simply play as an ordinary group of five players.

Teams will be preferentially matched with other teams, however they may also be matched with a party of five that is not using a team identity.

We’ve also made it easier to coordinate with friends to play as a team by increasing the maximum team roster size to seven members. However, keep in mind that any roster change will result in the recalculation of the team’s MMR based on the ranking of each team member.

To make way for this new approach to ranked Team Matchmaking, we have cleared the MMRs of all existing teams. Teams will enter MMR calibration when they play their next game.

Finally, the participation requirements, available game modes, and abandonment rules for team matchmaking are now the same as ordinary ranked matchmaking.

In Compendium news, two stretch goal rewards have been released. The 1v1 Practice Mode lets you find a short match to practice your mid lane against different matchups. With the Favorite Hero Challenge, some new analysis tools have been added to help you track your performance.

The Path to The Dota 2 Championship

The teams have been invited, and the Qualifiers have ended. All that remains is to prepare for the battles to come. Now, we can reveal what form those battles will take. Head over to The Path to The Dota 2 Championship page and learn about each stage of the tournament, from the phases within the Playoffs all the way to the Grand Finals at the Main Event in KeyArena.

The Immortals are here

The eleven Immortal Compendium rewards have been released.

Give a man/demon a fishstick and he will eat for life.

Compendium owners will find Immortal Strongboxes in their Armory. Strongboxes work just like our new Treasures, granting no duplicate items for the nine primary Immortals. Each Treasure also has a chance of granting up to two bonus Immortals.

Each Compendium comes with one Immortal Strongbox and about every ten levels you are awarded an extra Treasure. You can level up your Compendium by performing tasks and by purchasing extra points.