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The End End of Duplicates

Peek inside any treasure and you’ll notice a few changes. From now on, you will no longer have a chance to receive a duplicate item from opening a treasure multiple times; each time you unseal a treasure, you will find … Continue reading

Free to Play Collector’s Pack

Free to Play is almost here, so get your pre-load started and be ready the moment it’s out To commemorate the impending release of our much-anticipated Dota 2 documentary, special items are now available in the Dota store. These items … Continue reading

Free to Play Documentary: Coming Soon

Experience the first International through the eyes of players who lived it. Free to Play is Valve’s feature length documentary detailing the efforts of three Dota 2 players as they battle to win the first million dollar grand prize in … Continue reading

New Bloom’s End

With a defiant roar, the Year Beast prepares to make its final stand. This battle will mark the end of the Year Beast’s reign, so spend all your Ingots and show it what you’re made of! After the beast has … Continue reading

Beasts of New Bloom

At last, true darkness is unleashed! Terrorblade’s Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm are now available for purchase. Equip this Arcana and he’ll have new animations, new spell effects and icons, new death and respawn music, an altered voice, he’ll be … Continue reading