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We have our 16

Liquid won the Wild Card round today with an impressive 4-0 record. With their coming out on top, tonight they can relax, they survived. Tomorrow they become one of the 16 teams battling to make the final 8 who will move on to KeyArena and the Main Event.

With their victory, we also have say goodbye to three teams: CIS, MVP, and Virtus.Pro. It was a great day of Dota 2 playing, but in the end it was Liquid’s day. You can watch all the games on the July 8th page.

Alongside the Wild Card round, we also ran the Solo Championship. s4 won the Final by defeating Ferrari_430.

Tomorrow we have even more Dota. Games start at 9am and there will be 36 single games played. We will be running four games simultaneously with four single game streams and one stream – Dota 2 Multicast – that will hop between all four to not miss any of the action. We will also have Dota Newcomer’s Stream available. You can view the order of the matches and the pairings on the July 9th page where you can also rewind, pause, and jump to the live action in the video player on any of the streams.

We also have video interviews and content from around the web available on the top of the news page or at the YouTube Channel page.

In addition to yesterday’s previews we also have a couple of more tonight so you can get to know the teams playing tomorrow:
GOSU Gamers
E Sport Max