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The International Main Event Day 3

Today we start with the matches that began yesterday. First up is ViCi vs Cloud 9. ViCi is already up one game in this best of three series. The loser of this match ends their bid for the Aegis.

The winner faces either DK or LGD who also continue their match as well. Last night, we saw LGD make an amazing comeback to snatch a victory away from DK. Can they carry that momentum through the day or will a rested DK be able to turn it around? The loser goes home.

The winners of both the early matches then play to decide who ends the evening against Evil Geniuses. The winner of that match will come back tomorrow and face NewBee in the Grand Finals.

On this last day before the Grand Finals follow all the action on ESPN3, TwitchTV, dota2.com/watch, and in the game client. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter @Dota2.

Tonight at 8:30pm PST, you can tune in to ESPN2 for an exclusive preview of The International’s Grand Finals, featuring highlights from the games, expert analysis, plus interviews with the players and Valve’s Gabe Newell.

So today, let’s see who join NewBee in the Grand Finals.