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The International Main Event Day 3 Ends

For a day with this much drama and excitement, it’s crazy that it ends with just one team moving on and the other three teams eliminated.

We started the day with a match between ViCi Gaming and Cloud 9 that was a filled with team wipes being traded back and forth before Cloud 9 came out on top and forced a game three. The comeback ended for Cloud 9 with a failed early Roshan that they never recovered from. ViCi moved on.

Last night LGD came battling back from behind and handed DK a loss. This morning DK left no doubt in their victories. They took the two games and moved on to face ViCi.

ViCi didn’t let DK’s momentum carry into their match and closed down DK in two straight games to win the right to battle Evil Geniuses. DK ends in 4th place.

The winner of Evil Geniuses vs ViCi Gaming would move on to face NewBee monday in the Grand Finals. The loser would end their run for the Aegis in 3rd place.

ViCi picked up where they left off and won the first game against EG in 16 minutes. EG came battling back to take the second game in an exciting battle. In the third game EG took a Roshan that ended up not only costing them a tower but the Tournament. It ended the third game in a stunning 15 minutes that left KeyArena shocked.

This left only one team standing. One team to move on face NewBee in the Grand Finals – ViCi Gaming.