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The International Main Event – Day 2

Yesterday the games decided that NewBee would be in the Grand Finals. It also moved ViCi, DK, and EG into the lower brackets – but it didn’t send them home.

Today we will be saying goodbye to teams as the games aren’t simple matches, but Elimination Matches. We start the day with Cloud 9 vs Na’Vi. The winner there moves on to play ViCi.

The next match is iG vs LGD. The winner moves on to face DK.

The loser of those matches goes home. Their International is over.

There are no easy games today, each one is a must win if the team wants to move on and claim The Aegis.

So sit back, make yourself comfortable and pick a way to watch the game. The International is available on ESPN3, TwitchTV, dota2.com/watch, and in the game client. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter @Dota2.

Remember, On Sunday, you can tune in to ESPN2 for an exclusive preview of The International’s Grand Finals, featuring highlights from the games, expert analysis, plus interviews with the players and Valve’s Gabe Newell.

So today, let’s continue to decide – who will be in the Grand Finals.