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The International Main Event Day 2 is Over

Saturday night ended in laughter with the All-Star match. The crowd favorite for The Cheese included a new Hero – Techies. It was a silly, funny blood bath with even some occasional great playing. If you missed it, watch the VOD.

But while you watch it, one thing will sink in. This is a new International. 7 of the 10 All-Star players have already been eliminated. Today we saw both Na’Vi and iG eliminated and finishing The International in 7/8th place. We will not see a returning champion this year.

This is the first time in the history of The International Na’Vi will not be playing in The Grand Finals. Instead of Na’Vi moving on, coming up from the Lower Bracket – Cloud 9 defeated them. Cloud 9 will now be the one moving on to face ViCi Gaming.

Previous Champions, Invictus Gaming, were defeated by LGD, They now face DK. Round one of the DK v LGD game had DK in a commanding lead only to have LGD come charging back and win it.

The winners of those matches will face-off before playing EG Sunday Night. Ultimately one of them will meet the waiting top seed, NewBee, on Monday in the Grand Finals.

Who is going to win The Aegis? Who knows, this International defies prediction. Only one thing is for sure – we need to watch every game.