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The International Main Event – Day 1 Ends

The day started with top seeded ViCi Gaming taking on NewBee. NewBee had been fighting hard since last Saturday when they had to play a TieBreaker to end the day. They won that match.

The next day they started with an elimination match against Titan. They won that match.

Then they played Na’Vi. They won that match.

Next they played iG for the Upper Bracket spot. They won that match.

This morning they played the top seeded ViCi. They won that match.

That sent ViCi down to the Lower Bracket.

Our second match of the day was DK vs EG. EG was the second seed and DK had won their bracket by beating Cloud 9 on Monday. EG took care of DK in two straight games to set the stage for the last match of the day.

The winner would move on to the Grand Championship Monday. The loser would have to fight their way out of the Lower Bracket.

It was NewBee Vs Evil Geniuses. NewBee won that match in two straight games.

EG is now in the Lower Bracket.

NewBee WAS beatable, the same day they won the TieBreaker and started the run, they first lost to Na’Vi. They had a record of 7-8 in the Round Robin – they just barely beat more teams than beat them… but something happened during that TieBreaker Round. It changed the team. It made them seemingly unstoppable and it left just one question hanging over The International – can anyone stop NewBee.