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The International Grand Finals

Today we play the Grand Finals to decide who will win the Aegis and be crowned Champions.

It is ViCi Gaming vs Newbee.

At the end of Phase 2 (group stage) there could not have been two teams further apart. VG had dominated the entire set of round robin matches ending on top of the standings with a 12-3 record. Newbee on the other hand, squeaked in with a 7-8 record that forced them into a three way TieBreaker.

VG’s record gave them an instant trip to the Main Event. Newbee’s record gave them the longest road to the main event but that trip forged the team into something new. They no longer struggled, but dominated matches and now enter today from the Upper Bracket and VG comes from the Lower Bracket.

The two have met at KeyArena. Newbee the bottom seed, played VG the top seed to start the Main Event. Newbee is the team that sent VG down to the Lower Bracket that day while they moved on straight to the Grand Finals today. A familiar story but reversed. Has VG’s road back from the Lower Bracket created a team that can now defeat Newbee? Or is Newbee unstoppable?

We find out today, Who will reign supreme?

Follow all the action on ESPN3, TwitchTV, dota2.com/watch, and in the game client. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter @Dota2.