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Sunday July 13th

Sunday started with a best of three elimination match between Liquid and LGD.

Liquid had risen up from the wild card round to end with an 8-7 record. They had outplayed everyone’s expectations. LGD had battled back from a slow first day where they started 1-4 to end with a 7-8. It was a good record, but not good enough – they had to play a three way tie breaker on Saturday to assure their spot in the top 10.

Both teams had earned their place in this round, but only one would move on to the Main Event. The other would be going home. Only eight teams are playing at the Main Event this year, the others will just be spectators.

LGD took the series in two straight games and ended Liquid‘s bid for the Main Stage.

This earned LGD the right to face Cloud 9. The winner of that match would then play Team DK to decide who would start their Main Event in the Upper Bracket.

After the first day, Cloud 9 was leading the Tournament with a 4-1 record but the next day dropped down to 5-4 only to bounce back to 8-5 Friday and ending the round with an 8-7 record. They were in the middle of the top 10.

Cloud 9 was able to take the first game but LGD’s never say die attitude had them winning the second game. In the 3rd game, after forty-six minutes, Cloud 9 came out on top. That loss put LGD in the Main Event but in the Lower Bracket.

The final match of the day pitted Team DK against Cloud 9 for a place in the Upper Bracket at the Main Event. DK had a rough start to the Tournament with their player LaNm being rushed to the hospital only to be examined and given a clean bill of health. With that distraction, they went 2-3 the first day. The following day they went undefeated and rose to 6-3. Eventually ending with a 10-5 record, which was good enough for third place but not a guarantee to the coveted Upper Bracket.

The first game of the best of three went a grueling seventy minutes and ended with a last ten minutes filled with so many epic team fights that there were almost as many kills in the last ten minutes as the first sixty!

After the two teams took a quick break, DK had enough. They were not up for another long game and decimated Cloud 9 in eleven minutes.

That was it. It was decided.

Team DK would join Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses in the Upper Bracket. LGD and Cloud 9 would go on to the Main Event in the Lower Bracket and Team Liquid would be going home.

If you missed any of the action, you can watch all of the day’s matches on the Sunday Page.