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Hello and Goodbye

For most players, this weeks starts with a relaxing pace. Fly into Seattle, see old friends, play some foosball, run through boot camp, attend the player’s dinner, relax until their start time on Wednesday. But for four teams, there is no time to relax. Tuesday might be their one and only day playing at The International this year.

Four teams enter this year’s wildcard play-offs – CIS, Liquid, MVP.Phoenix. and Virtus.pro – all competing for the one lone spot to join the other 15 teams. The games start at 9am PST and you can see their bracketing on the watch page.

If you need to catch-up on teams, here are some previews from around the web: Esports Max’s Wildcard Preview, Dota2.ru, Team Liquid, and Join Dota. Tweet @Dota2 any other previews or coverage you think we should be including.

If three teams being eliminated in one day wasn’t enough for you on Tuesday, we are also concurrently running the Solo Championship and end the evening with the Solo Championship Finals. That makes for one long day of Dota 2, so try and get some sleep between now and then. I know of at least 20 players who might be a little too excited to sleep tonight.